Best Home Decor Stores

I’ll be sharing the five best places to buy home decor when you’re on a budget. I’ll also be sharing a couple of the items I’ve picked up from these places. So if you’re interested, let’s get into article on Best Home Decors.

Home Decor Stores to Visit

Number 1 Are gonna be Thrift Stores. These are locations where people donate the old items that they don’t want or use anymore. So you can find them at really cheap prices. These are locations like the PTA, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity. Habitat is my favorite place to go. Every lamp that I own is from there and usually they are around five dollars. They’ve always worked when I’ve purchased them. I always just paint them a different color to match the style of my home and then go buy a lampshade.

I’ve also recently purchased these candlesticks. They are also brass similar to the lamps that I’ve purchased. They are $8 each. This is one before and this is after. After I’ve painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the decor of my home. I really love how it turned out. And I plan on putting these on my fireplace once I paint this one. I also recently got a jug from there for $10. Right here. It looks like a Moonshine or old wine jug. And I plan on putting some stems in there for decoration. I think they’d make a great centerpiece on a table. Put a couple more in than this, but for $10 you can’t really beat that. I love the Habitat and thrift stores. It’s more like a treasure hunt because you do have to look through pretty much everything, but you can get some awesome finds for really cheap prices. Number 2 is gonna be other people.

I’ve personally furnished most of my home from Facebook Marketplace and

I’ve found some great furniture pieces from there. I got our couch in our living room for $60 from Craigslist. Our recliner chair is a knock-off Pottery Barn chair for $40. And also recently, I’ve picked up a couple things from the estate sale that I’d like to show you. I picked up this huge water jug. It was originally $40, but we went later in the day so things were starting to go 50 percent off. So I got it for $20. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it, to be honest, but I loved the look of it.

The blue color goes with my home so I’m definitely going to use it for decoration. I’ve also got this amazing find. It is a huge basket. The price tag on it says $20 so I would’ve paid $10. You’d easily pay $60 at a larger retail store for this item. I’ll probably put throw blankets and pillows in it. But those are great finds. Those are just a few examples of things you can get from other people. Just keep your eye out on those websites constantly and you will find some amazing things.

Number 3 is gonna be the Dollar Tree. If you watched my recent haul, you know I love that store because you can get home decor items for really cheap.

I love getting their faux flowers. I love the spring colors they always have. As well as the seasonal items. So a couple weeks ago, I started purchasing a lot of their little pumpkins, which they were originally in orange and yellow. I don’t really care for the traditional pumpkin colors so I was trying to get a style that matched my home decor. I painted them all creams, blues, and yellows. And I have several on my fireplace mantle, as well as, my entertainment center. They also have amazing frames there. I love Dollar Tree because you’re not spending a lot of money and it’s easy to change their items to match the style of your home. Number 4 is WalMart and I won’t go into too much detail because if you’ve never been to WalMart you are truly missing out. They have everything you could possibly imagine. So many great finds for home decor. One of my favorite items to buy from there are actually blinds. They have some faux wood blinds from Better Homes and Garden that are like $20 each. They do an amazing job at keeping out a lot of the sunlight and I’ve purchased them for every room in our upstairs.

So if you haven’t been to WalMart definitely check them out, they have everything you could imagine and so much more. Lastly, number 5 is gonna be discount retailers such as Ross and the TJ Maxx chain stores, which is TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and AC Moore. Which is more crafty items. All of those retailers have great prices at discounts. You do have to look at the items carefully to make sure they’re not damaged. However, you can find some really unique and one of a kind pieces.

They do sell out incredibly fast, so those type of stores are definitely the kind where its like you have to buy it if you like it that day. Cuz more than likely even if you go back the next day, it’s gonna be gone. We recently purchased our living room rug from there. We got an 8 by 10 rug for just $100. Now it is not a thick pile rug. It’s not incredible quality, but it definitely does the job for a home with 2 dogs.

So check out those chain stores they have great finds as well. I hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite places to buy home decor. I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below as to where you love to buy budget friendly home decor as well because I am always on the hunt.

Best Places to Shop in Kuala Lumpur

Shopping is the favorite thing to do all around the world and Malaysia is not far behind. The locals and even tourists endure shopping at some of the famous shopping spots in the city of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of unknown fact that previous year Malaysia was the 5th best shopping place in the world according to Expedia.

Shopping has been inevitable since years but there is also surge in prices over the years. One cannot afford to buy good clothes or accessories from boutiques owing to its high cost. This is why we bring up to you the best shopping places where you can bargain a lot. Bargain shopping has indulged in Malaysia since quite a time now. This is because you get to purchase a good quality product at literary half of the rates.

If you are new or a tourist, you would get to know where to bargain shop in Malaysia after reading the article. Here we will let you know what all things you can shop and at what places. So let’s start.

BookXcess for affordable books

Kuala Lumpur does not have handy picks when it comes to books. They are usually at a higher rate. Some of them are ardent readers and their hobby of reading might cost them much. However, here is good news for all those readers. You can now avail new and old books at much cheaper rates from a shop called BookXcess situated in Amcorp Mall.

bookxcess kl sale

From Latest books to imported magazines, you will get all that you want to read. A book costing RM 50 or more at the bookstore would be available to you at just RM17 at BookXcess. They are not photocopied but original books. Yes, it might happen that some of the books on your list may not be available but paying a visit may not cost you anything.

How to get there? – Click HERE.

Fashion and Accessories shopping at Berjaya Times Square Shopping mall

If you prefer to wear branded clothes and accessories, then bargain shopping might not be an option. But if you are okay with good quality even if unbranded, head down to Berjaya Times Square Shopping mall. All the shops in the mall are selling fashionable items, which might attract you.  Dress for your cocktail party can be bought at just RM 25 from the mall. Pretty and luxurious handbags can be bought under RM 40. There are small stalls in the mall selling a couple of earnings at just RM 10.

berjaya times sq shopping

Check out their fashion store directory HERE.

Electronic Shopping at Low Yat Plaza

Electronics usually have similar prices everywhere. But a place called Low Yat plaza located in Bukit Bintang is known for selling such electronic product at marginally less prices. It is an IT shopping mall covering 500 shops selling Mobile phones, game stations, TVs cameras etc.

Plaza Low Yat, No. 7 Jalan Bintang, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

You can bargain a bit over there and some shops may charge a bit less than other.

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Handicrafts shopping at Central market

When in Malaysia you must have the souvenirs as a memory. Even if you are a local, handicraft is a must for your home decoration. Owning a variety of such souvenirs like Timepieces, Unique Figurines, Key chains, Handicraft decorations etc are obtained at a much cheaper rate in Central Market located opposite to the Pasar Seni LRT station.

Check out this shopping mall HERE.

Antiques shopping at Amcorp Mall

amcorp kl

A flea market serves the purpose for your antique shopping. The popular flea market in Kuala Lumpur is held at the Amcorp mall on every weekend. From Coaster, books, Unique and antique accessories, CDs, shoes etc can be shopped from there. The majority of the things are at cheaper rates than normal shops.

Check out the timing of the Flea Market HERE.

Nippon or Dulux Paint?

In Singapore, there are a variety of paint brands to choose from. Of the most popular, you’ll find Nippon and Dulux Singapore. There are many factors you should consider before purchasing paint and Nippon Paint Singapore.

We have listed 5 top reasons why you should consider when choosing suitable paint for your property.

Nippon vs Dulux singapore

1. Abundance of colour options

Colour options are made very easy with Nippon Paint Singapore. Finding the right shade of colour for your home, apartment, or even a commercial property is easiest with Nippon Paint. You can access their Paint Calculator to plan whats needed for painting your house. There are so many choices and all colours are expertly mixed for Dulux Paint – Click here. where it has also some good selection of paint colours that you might be keen to have a look here.

2. Lower cost
Even with a limited budget, you can still get a prime paint job accomplished by using Nippon or Dulux paint. The quality of both remains high while the price is low. Plus, Dulux paints tend to be thin so they are very easy to paint onto your surfaces, which means a reduction in costs for your entire painting process as well. Dulux paint currently retails at a few bucks cheaper than Nippon.

3. Higher durability
Nippon paints last for longer periods of time. They bond well to surfaces and don’t fade or chip easily. You definitely get more for your money when you paint with Nippon. Dulux carries a new series of paint which somewhat surpasses the ability to last longer. Click here to find out more.

4. Provides excellent protection for sensitive people
Nippon paint offers outstanding coverage to your walls and floors with their Odour-less All in 1. This strong paint bonds well to your surfaces, going on thin but covering in thick layers to protect your property and keep it looking its best for years to come.

5. No harmful substances included
One of the best reasons for people to select a paint brand in Singapore is because the paint has the ability to create an environmentally-safe paint. Famed for its zero volatile organic compound (VOC), you won’t be left with any lingering harmful effects. Nippon is free of heavy metals and dangerous substances. This is well featured in the TV advertisements where Sumo care for his family. Dulux Ambiance All conforms to Singapore Green Labelling Scheme for its complete multi-function solution.

Looking to repaint your home, apartment, or office? If you don’t want to do it yourself, let help you find painters who can help you get the job done right. Be sure to tell them you want to use Nippon or Dulux paint on your painting projects today!

Painting Services by Singapore Painter

Making Wood Slab Tables for Dining Use

Wood Slab tables are usually handmade and are very thick in size as they are made from the lumber of the tree that does not have proper finishing to it and you can see the barks to the side of the slab table as an example. Most common materials use in the South East Asia is Suar Wood. These tables are not big in size and are of the size of a tea table not the big dining table type so they can be seen in some contemporary business places. Both the legs of the table and the top are made of wood. Now there is a certain process to be followed while making this table.

Making Best Solid Wood Dining Table by

The process is mentioned here.


  • Firstly, the slab must be placed across two sawhorses and clamps must be placed on both sides to secure them.
  • Both the ends of the slab must be cut now using a circular saw. Now you need it to be of your desired length so you must draw a line across by using a carpenter’s square. Usually the length of the table will be around 36 to 48 inches. It does not matter if you had the shape of perfect square or not so don’t worry.
  • Now both the sides of the slab must be sanded using a belt sander perfectly to remove any present saw lines. You can leave the bark which is present or scrape it off using a knife too.
  • Again  the slab had to be sanded but this time using the orbital sander to round off all the edges of the slab. You can do this sanding on both the sides if you have removed the bark.
  • Now the second slab must be placed as same to the first slab and step number 3 and 4 must be used on it too.
  • For the legs of the table, a template must be cut now on cardboard after drawing it properly. One thing is important here, the width must be 6 inches less. Like if you are making a tabletop of 40 x 40 inches, the cutout will be of 34 x 34 inches.
  • Now the templates must be placed on the slab and the slab must be clamped well so that the cutting can be done properly. If you have someone supporting in the work, ask him to hold one end, that will be good.
  • Now it’s time to cut out the leg templates. Cut the first one and remove it, then attach other one with clamps and cut it likewise.
  • Now clamp the legs on the sawhorse standing upright and drill  four holes in them which will be evenly centered and spaced on their top using a drill. The depth must be 2 inches for each hole.
  • Now ¾ inches of blind hole spotters, a small metal peg with a very sharp end at an end, must be placed in the holes. Now the legs must be put on the bottom of the tabletop as they will be when all finished. The sharp ends of the spotters will leave a spot for you so that you can know the spot to drill.
  • Now check the spots and drill 2 inches holes accordingly in the tabletop.
  • Now the use of glue is necessary in all the holes. Now the dowels must be put in the leg slab holes with rubber mallet. Now alignment must be done of the end of the dowels to the slab you are using as tabletop. Clamp must be used here to tighten the legs with the tabletop. Now the table must be left all night for the glue to dry.

Now there is a whole lot of things needed for this process. The list is given below-

  • 2 wood slabs, 2 1/2-inches by 30-inches by 50-inches
  • Circular saw
  • Clamps
  • Draw knife
  • Orbital sander with 100-grit sandpaper
  • Belt sander with 80-grit belt
  • Drill bit, 3/4-inch
  • Drill/driver
  • Wood glue
  • Blind-hole spotters, 3/4-inch
  • Dowels, 3/4-inch by 2-inch
  • Danish oil stain
  • Rubber mallet

One tip can be given here, while using the circular saw please put both your hands on it as it can kick backward and injure you.


Before you even begin on your remodel, you will require an accomplished contractual worker or inside planner to survey your business space and tune in to your thoughts. At times we have elevated requirements for our redesigns designs however it may not be plausible so it’s constantly insightful to look for a type of exhortation from experts before beginning on a major remodel venture. Over plan guidance, these experts can likewise surrender you a heads on some building laws and directions for instance, divider hacking and wiring.

Renovation Cost of Office Space in Singapore

Top of the line originators can charge nearly $100/hour for counseling. You can make your own particular call to pay either a level rate or hourly charges. Be that as it may, regularly, counseling and hacking meet up in a bundle with their own particular temporary workers also so you will not have to stress excessively over this perspective.

Remodel Deposit

Before all the overwhelming hacking is done, you have to check with your building if there is a remodel store you may need to make. Contingent upon your building rules, remodel stores could cost a couple of thousand dollar made to the proprietor if there should arise an occurrence of any harms amid the redesign. It will typically the full aggregate will be discounted after the landowner is happy with the final product and can affirm that no harms were made.

In general expenses:

Since the expenses are very unclear with regards to procuring temporary workers, you ought to get citations from a scope of contractual workers to be sure of their capacity and additionally rates. By and large, you can measure your financial plan by size of your outlet and also the nature of materials and outline you are seeking after. For a medium measured outlet (around 1000-2000 sq ft), this is around $150,000-$500,000 per outlet, for a little outlet (under 500sqft), is around $60,000 – 100,000, contingent upon quality. A measuring stick would be a 13,000 sqft office space with storeroom and meeting rooms costs around $1.3 million dollars.

Ground surface and Tiling

For the most part workplaces would make due with the regular square tiles. Be that as it may, in case you’re hoping to chic it up in your office, you should need to consider parquet or stone ground surface. Do take as a main priority that the cost of deck would vary with respect to your floor materials and the cost of work which would incorporate establishment and laying of tiles

Marble: $10-$15/sqft

Cover: $3.50-$4.50/sqft

Vinyl: $6-$7/sqft

Artistic or Homogenous tiles: $3-$15/sqft

Parquet: $7-$14/sqft

Rock: $10-$20/sqft

Work: $3-$10/sqft

The aggregate cost for ground surface for an office could set you back around $5000-$8000

Divider hacking

Divider hacking is ordinary amid redesign works particularly on the off chance that you need your office to flaunt the open space idea. The cost would to a great extent rely upon the thickness of the divider and the measure of hacking that should be finished. Additionally you should check with your building in the event that you require an allow to do any hacking. Make certain to get some endorsement simply incase there are some foundational columns and dividers that are not intended to be hacked.

Divider hacking: $50-$70 per foot run

Likewise great to check with temporary worker on the off chance that they’ll charge additional for flotsam and jetsam clearing.


Carpentry is basic on the off chance that you need to fabricate cupboards or racks for your office as opposed to getting them. This isn’t essential however great in case you’re anticipating situating to the space as long as possible. The cost here would change contingent upon the span of your racks, the kinds of wood utilized and the workmanship required.

Book bureau: $220 – 500 for each ft. run

Huge Cupboards: $200 – 350 for each ft. run

Painting Services

The inside paint of your office is imperative, it improves your office: makes a helpful situation for your representatives and also makes a decent initial introduction for going to customers. It is imperative to go for quality with regards to painting of your business building/unit. The statements for painting administrations is extraordinarily reliant on your size region.

An unpleasant value guide would be for 3 hues + White Ceiling: $1200 – $2000

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Electrical Rewiring

Electrical rewiring depends vigorously on what number of powerpoint you may need in your home. This zone is to a great degree confused and you wouldn’t have any desire to DIY this. Search for a dependable circuit tester to legitimately settle your lighting focuses, link focuses and camouflage too. Costs here differ enormously from circuit repairman to circuit repairman so you have to check with you circuit repairman how he charges his rates.

13amp Power Point (single): $90 – 100 for every point

15amp Power Point (twofold): $70 – 160 for every point

Lighting Point: $45 – 70 for every point

2-Way Switch: $100 – 150 for every piece

Phone Point: $80 – 140 for every point

Establishment of Lights: $8 – 20 for each light


You ought to think about the financial backing, style and space before picking the furniture. These normally costs $7,000 to $15,000 contingent upon your business space.

The main beyond any doubt approach to discover what it will cost to get your business space remodeled is to get some guidance from your inside creators. They can examine the points of interest of your thought with you and give you an entirely smart thought of what it will cost.

Painting Service Cost in Singapore

Need to know what amount of painting services cost in Singapore? Painters are additionally similar to specialists. They paint the dividers of various homes and different structures in various ways utilizing distinctive kinds of structures. The main thing that strikes a chord of anybody while going for enlisting some administration of a painter is what amount does it cost to have the whole home painted by a painter in Singapore.

Give us a chance to bargain in detail with everything about these Singapore painters. Before heading off to the points of interest of these artistic creation administrations, let us perceive what number of various kind of paint benefit accessible with Singapore painters. Here are the absolute most vital sort of paint benefit gave by them.

Painting Service Rates

· House painting administrations which give benefit in painting whole home and its dividers.

· Condo painting. This is another composition benefit which is increasing more significance nowadays even contrasted with house painting.

· Painting administrations for landed properties.

· Flat painting administrations for HDB Flats.

· Commercial Painting Services to paint enormous business and authority zones.

· Painting administrations are likewise accommodated painting insides of different sanctuaries and other old structures.

There is a site about these singapore paint administrations and this site gives all insights about the cost of singapore paint servicess. Among their HDB painting administrations, ¾ room HDB benefit is extremely renowned. Whole painting process takes 1-2 days and it costs generally around $720-$1380. This is a very sensible rate. Time taken for finish painting relies upon the span of rooms that you will get painted.

There is another 5 room harsh statement painting administration. This administration additionally takes around 1-2 days to finish and expenses around $820-$1580. HDB benefit is accessible for a solitary storied enormous working at a cost of about $1020-$1680. It takes around 2-4 days to finish the administration and that makes it a standout amongst other painting administrations gave by singapore paint administrations supplier. A similar administration is accessible for twofold storied structures additionally and that too goes on for same period, say 2-4 days and expenses over $1480-$1980. By watching every one of these highlights one can state with certainty that as the measure of building increments and more zone is being painted, the normal cost of painting gets diminished as it were.

Condominium and Private Property painting Services is yet another gathering of administrations gave by singapore paint administrations suppliers. These administrations settle their rates based on territory they paint. Here are some vital rates that they settle for different rooms with various territories being painted. They incorporate a 1001 square feet unpleasant statement surface and for painting this surface totally, 1-2 long periods of time is required. It costs about $880-$1250 and that is extremely exceptionally conservative.

Alongside that, a harsh statement surface with a region of 1201-1501 square feet needs 1-3 days for painting totally and it needs about $1220-$1580. On the off chance that that region is between 1501-1801 square feet, cost is above $ 1550 and it takes around 2-4 days. On the off chance that this is in excess of 1801 square feet, it takes 3-5 days and rates are not indicated by them. They have likewise not settled rates for a private home painting.

In the event that you require respectable painting organization in Singapore, do call for a radical new painting background.

Call one of our hot lines today to paint nearby citation or painting conference

Buying Reclaimed Wood Furniture – What you should know

When purchasing recovered wood furniture, it’s essential to regard the one of a kind inceptions, character and qualities of common woods. From the crude magnificence of European white oak to driftwood pieces gathered from the shores of Indonesia to staggering Brazilian peroba wood, each piece is unique and rich with history from around the globe. Recovered wood furniture is a style to be cherished—and here are a couple of things you should know when obtaining your recovered wood things.

reclaimed wood furniture

Magnificence is in the distinctions

No two bits of recovered wood are similar, which is the thing that makes recovered wood furniture so extraordinary. Before acquiring, it’s best to have a thankfulness for the distinctions and qualities that make each piece exceptional. Things like wood grains, hitches, little fixes, paint leftovers, setting, little nail openings and mineral stores are qualities that extremely set the pieces apart. Any change that adds enthusiasm to the piece can be viewed as an or more.

Character is created after some time

Old wood in all likelihood developed in a regular habitat where it needed to battle for supplements and sun, which makes it very solid and strong. Recovered wood furniture has an age and character that can’t be mirrored. At the point when the furniture is put in a common space in your home, the furniture itself will be a discussion subject and fun history exercise. Or on the other hand have a go at utilizing recovered wood furniture in your room, where you can value the magnificence of the pieces outside the hurrying around of your mutual family zones.

History makes for incredible stories

Age draws out the rich hues in recovered wood, so on the off chance that you see clues of dim red, rural dark colored, profound yellow, cranky dark or smooth cream, you’ll know the wood has a solid history. Do some exploration to decide the foundation of the piece and where the wood began. You never know: These fun realities may spare you from a break in gab at a future supper party.

Old and new are an extraordinary match

On the off chance that you have a more present day home, don’t be anxious to attempt recovered wood furniture in your decorations and stylistic layout. Truth be told, it demonstrates your outline smarts on the off chance that you can influence recovered wood to take a gander at home in a contemporary setting. Play with the differentiation between smooth eating tables, straightforward and advanced informal lodging lined casegoods scattered among provincial recovered pieces that convey surface and warmth to a living zone. As we specified before, a high-movement passage is likewise an incredible place for a tough bit of recovered wood furniture.

Suar wood furniture is a delightful, special and memorable approach to approach to upgrade the magnificence of your home and hotshot your own taste. While there is bounty to consider before purchasing your pieces, all the time spent exploring will could not hope to compare to the amount you cherish the look of recovered wood furniture in your family’s home.

Finding the Best Handyman in Singapore

You might be happy with the state of your home and office at Singapore at the present time yet there are as yet certain things for which you require the assistance of expert. Possibly you require a deliver painting of your home or office, or there might be a requirement for somebody who can settle the spillage in the pipe. There are sure circumstances when you require a specialist to change an electric attachment or an electric knob, other than that there might be a need of craftsman once in a while. To be honest talking, in the event that you enlist a jack of all trades, your work will finish rapidly and it won’t charge you excessively. There are a great deal of jack of all trades benefits in Singapore which offer a considerable measure of administrations however you have to pick carefully as not all administrations are equivalent.

The greatest in addition to point in the event that you are enlisting a jack of all trades is that the jack of all trades is master in at least two exchanges like on the off chance that you are requesting a circuit repairman then you can make sure that he will be similarly master as a handyman or a woodworker. Another enormous help of a jack of all trades benefit is the shabby prize they give along the profoundly prepared experts.

Cheap Services equals Good Handyman Services?

There is a major misguided judgment about these administrations among individuals that they are exorbitant. Be that as it may, in all actuality, they are very shabby and on the off chance that you are taking administration for quite a while then they turn out to be considerably more less expensive. The vast majority of the general population contract unlicensed individuals to complete their work in a lower cost yet there is an once in a lifetime opportunity that these individuals can harm the work totally as they don’t have the correct data to finish the activity as indicated by your fulfillment. Along these lines, just higher prepared and authorized individuals as a jack of all trades.

There is a great deal of work which individuals would prefer not to do as it can ruin their vacation and there are some others as well where you really require a specialist to deal with as it is hard to do without anyone else’s input. That is the time when individuals utilize the jack of all trades benefit. There are a great deal of organizations in Singapore who give master jack of all trades at a sensible charge. On the off chance that you will look online at that point ensure that you are experiencing the surveys a long time before employing as now and then every one of that sparkles isn’t gold. Here we will give you full subtle elements on the jack of all trades rates in Singapore.

Hourly Rate:

The rates of a jack of all trades normally rely upon the experience they have. The accomplished and authorized jack of all trades can charge more yet never employ a jack of all trades without a permit since they may charge low yet they don’t have the full learning of doing the activity so they may not settle your concern as an accomplished jack of all trades will do. The primary hour charge is generally more and it decreases each a great many. There are some jack of all trades organizations who give settle rate however dependably request a statement before employing them.

Crisis Call:

On the off chance that you are calling a jack of all trades for some crisis work then they will without a doubt charge more than typical. You can have a go at settling the thing yet in the event that you don’t have a clue about the procedure, abandon it for specialists.

Arranging the Budget:

A jack of all trades will unquestionably charge in excess of an ordinary circuit tester or handyman as they have ability in a considerable measure of work. Thus, on the off chance that you have a solitary issue, don’t go for a jack of all trades, rather go for a circuit repairman or handyman or the master who will enable you to out of the issue. On the off chance that you have different issues then absolutely jack of all trades is the best and less expensive choice.

Price List of Handyman Service:

  • Replacing the Door Knob = SGD$60
  • Replacing the Bedroom Door = SGD$100
  • Installing Shelves = SGD$50
  • Installing TV brackets = SGD$80
  • Installing wall mounted fan = SGD$60
  • Installing a ceiling fan = SGD$100
  • Installing a chandelier = SGD$100
  • Installing mirrors = SGD$60
  • Installing frames and pictures = SGD$60
  • Assembling chairs and tables = SGD$60
  • Replacing leaked pipes = SGD$50
  • Replacing or installing a toilet bowl = SGD$180
  • Replacing or installing water taps = SGD$60
  • Replacing or installing shower sets = SGD$70
  • Clearing basin, kitchen, or toilet bowl = SGD$100 – 200
  • Replacing or installing instant heater = SGD$70
  • Replacing or installing big heater = SGD$100
  • Replacing switch socket outlet = SGD$60
  • Replacing light bulbs or light fittings = SGD$60
  • HDB painting service for 3 room = SGD$980
  • HDB painting service for 4 room = SGD$1280
  • HDB painting service for 5 room = SGD$1580
  • Executive HDB painting service for 5 room = SGD$1780
  • Other than all these there are SGD$60 charges as per trip cost.

For finding the best handyman service in Singapore you can go for the local search engine but don’t forget to check the reviews before you hire one.