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Best Places to Shop in Kuala Lumpur

Shopping is the favorite thing to do all around the world and Malaysia is not far behind. The locals and even tourists endure shopping at some of the famous shopping spots in the city of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of unknown fact that previous year Malaysia was the 5th best shopping place in the world according to Expedia.

Shopping has been inevitable since years but there is also surge in prices over the years. One cannot afford to buy good clothes or accessories from boutiques owing to its high cost. This is why we bring up to you the best shopping places where you can bargain a lot. Bargain shopping has indulged in Malaysia since quite a time now. This is because you get to purchase a good quality product at literary half of the rates.

If you are new or a tourist, you would get to know where to bargain shop in Malaysia after reading the article. Here we will let you know what all things you can shop and at what places. So let’s start.

BookXcess for affordable books

Kuala Lumpur does not have handy picks when it comes to books. They are usually at a higher rate. Some of them are ardent readers and their hobby of reading might cost them much. However, here is good news for all those readers. You can now avail new and old books at much cheaper rates from a shop called BookXcess situated in Amcorp Mall.

bookxcess kl sale

From Latest books to imported magazines, you will get all that you want to read. A book costing RM 50 or more at the bookstore would be available to you at just RM17 at BookXcess. They are not photocopied but original books. Yes, it might happen that some of the books on your list may not be available but paying a visit may not cost you anything.

How to get there? – Click HERE.

Fashion and Accessories shopping at Berjaya Times Square Shopping mall

If you prefer to wear branded clothes and accessories, then bargain shopping might not be an option. But if you are okay with good quality even if unbranded, head down to Berjaya Times Square Shopping mall. All the shops in the mall are selling fashionable items, which might attract you.  Dress for your cocktail party can be bought at just RM 25 from the mall. Pretty and luxurious handbags can be bought under RM 40. There are small stalls in the mall selling a couple of earnings at just RM 10.

berjaya times sq shopping

Check out their fashion store directory HERE.

Electronic Shopping at Low Yat Plaza

Electronics usually have similar prices everywhere. But a place called Low Yat plaza located in Bukit Bintang is known for selling such electronic product at marginally less prices. It is an IT shopping mall covering 500 shops selling Mobile phones, game stations, TVs cameras etc.

Plaza Low Yat, No. 7 Jalan Bintang, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

You can bargain a bit over there and some shops may charge a bit less than other.

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Handicrafts shopping at Central market

When in Malaysia you must have the souvenirs as a memory. Even if you are a local, handicraft is a must for your home decoration. Owning a variety of such souvenirs like Timepieces, Unique Figurines, Key chains, Handicraft decorations etc are obtained at a much cheaper rate in Central Market located opposite to the Pasar Seni LRT station.

Check out this shopping mall HERE.

Antiques shopping at Amcorp Mall

amcorp kl

A flea market serves the purpose for your antique shopping. The popular flea market in Kuala Lumpur is held at the Amcorp mall on every weekend. From Coaster, books, Unique and antique accessories, CDs, shoes etc can be shopped from there. The majority of the things are at cheaper rates than normal shops.

Check out the timing of the Flea Market HERE.